A Child’s World values the relationship we have built with families of all ages and backgrounds. Read sample testimonies from just a few of our families below.
Super happy here. This place goes above and beyond my expectations. There is so much creativity, caring, communication, and organization. Wish we went here from day one. We love it here and are truly blessed to have such caring and talented teachers and the office staff are amazing.
– Mandy Francine

I am a mom of 3 kids and my oldest being 4. I never left the house and was so protective of my children the thought of a “daycare” scared and baffled me, complete strangers are going to be watching my kids. It scared me. My kids now attend a child’s world and the relief i have is free! The staff are completely INCREDIBLE and LOVING! They are informative and answer any questions you have! My sons had a hard time adjusting being away from mommy but they are so excited EVERY MORNING to go to school and enjoy their days!
– Korhyn O’Connell

I’m blown away with how wonderful the staff is, how much my daughter has learned, and how much she loves going to school.
– Sue Jay

To those of you who touched the lives of our children, THANK YOU! Thank you for loving our children day in and day out for the last ten years. Thank you for teaching them and getting their education off on the right foot. Thank you for showing them how to make and be a friend to fellow students. Thank you for guiding them down the right path. Thank you for your patience, understanding and communication over the years. You all are amazing people and deserve to know that!!! It is hard to believe that ten years has come and gone, especially since I have distinct memories of our tour and crying in the baby room two weeks before we even dropped Chase off for the first time. Over the years, ACW became more than a secure place to leave our children while we worked, it became a family. We got to know a lot of you personally and would often share a laugh or a quick conversation during pick-up/drop-off. Our children made friends that, even though they go to different schools, they still consider their best buds. I can only hope these bonds last a lifetime. ACW played a role in these friendships and these children will forever have that in their minds when people ask how they met. Saying good-bye is bittersweet. It will be hard not seeing the excitement in the kid’s eyes when we would take them in, or the sadness when we would come to pick them up. Our children loved ACW. It was a comfortable place to them, and to this day, Chase and Shane ask to go back to see the teachers they had and to reminisce as they look in their old rooms. We will not miss paying you, but to be honest, you earned every penny, if not more. You help shape children when parents need, or want, to earn a living. How do you put a price on that? You can’t! So again, we thank you for the years you have shared with our family, and the commitment you made to make Chase, Shane, and Rylan the good little people they are today. Kevin and I will be forever grateful we chose this school!
- The Murphy Crew

How do we begin to say thank you? A Child’s World Doylestown has cared for our children for almost 9 years. It seems like it was just yesterday when we were dropping off Megan in the Munchkin room, At 4 months old. Not only were we extremely nervous first- time parents, but we had genuine concern over her health and well-being, having had recent open heart surgery. ACW staff welcomed and supported us. We were encouraged to call or visit at any time through the day. You not only cared for our baby, you also cared about us and helped us through the transition. These themes were evident throughout all our years at ACW. When our second daughter, Cassidy, was born, you welcomed her warmly and provided the same top notch care. You made Megan feel so proud to be a big sister. Both of our girls have flourished in your school, and they have very different personalities, and needed different amounts of attention, patience, and support. Even though leadership and teachers have changed since we started, we still always received professional, caring, and positive care from you. Our girls have learned all the typical early education topics, but they learned them in a way that was creative, hands-on, and engaging while promoting their fullest social/emotional development as well. We loved the direct teaching of how you control your feelings and the role that the parts of the brain plays in controlling them. All along, the focus has always been on the whole child; helping them to become independent, lifelong learners, while still allowing them to be children. From the business point of view, your office has always been friendly, professional, helpful, and willing to answer any questions. You made it easy to get receipts and make payments. Your flexibility with our schedule is unmatched. You truly met all our needs. Although we have outgrown our need for daycare, you will always be a part of our family. The teachers and staff at ACW Doylestown are part of the foundation of our children’s young lives. You are all loved by our family. You will be dearly missed. In the words of DR. Seuss, “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” We have the brightest, widest smiles you can imagine!
- Gary, Gretchen, Megan and Cassidy Flanagan

Please excuse the chain letter format but I wanted to express our sincere gratitude to each of you for what you mean to not only our daughter Vada, but to us as well. The unfortunate tragedy at Sandy Hook elementary only brings to the forefront how important you are, how we as parents in some ways, in probably many ways, take you for granted. You are there each day for our kids. You see them more often than we do. They grow up with each of you and you are a child’s family away from home. And for that, I am truly grateful. When we moved to Pennsylvania I was terrified of how the change would impact Vada. I don’t know that she would have transitioned as well as she did had it not been for the love, compassion, and caring watch of you show her day to day. To see her run into your arms each morning doesn’t hurt me, it warms my heart. She wouldn’t go to each one of her teachers if she didn’t like them and care of each of them. Seeing this gives me a sense of comfort and allows me to the ability to go work knowing that my daughter is in excellent hands. Thank you for loving my daughter. Thank you for being your own special person and having the patience and open heart that you do to be caregivers for our babies. Thank you for giving my daughter a place that makes her happy and that when we drive up to the school she says “happy”. A parent couldn’t’ ask for more than that. On Behalf of Mike, Vada and I, thank you for all you do.
- Vada's Family