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Kindergarten & K-Enrichment Program

More Attention, Greater Outcomes

Prepare your child for the exciting journey of grade school with A Child’s World’s comprehensive Kindergarten and K-Enrichment programs. Whether your family opts for full-day private academic Kindergarten or halfday public school Kindergarten supplemented by A Child’s World’s KEnrichment program, we ensure a solid foundation for your child’s educational future.

Private Academic Kindergarten: Full-day

Give your child a head start on their formal education with our Private Academic Kindergarten program.

Our full-day curriculum challenges both mind and body, encouraging creativity, problem-solving skills, and a love for learning.

Program Highlights:

  • Integrated Curriculum: Unique integration of hands-on experiential learning.
  • Reading Readiness: Emphasis on developing reading skills through a blend of whole language and phonics.
  • Mathematics: Introduction to major mathematical concepts, with a focus on four-function mathematics.
  • Thematic Approach: Engaging projects that require the application of reading and math skills.
  • Exceeding Standards: Curriculum surpasses Early Learning Standards set by the Department of Education.
A little girl eating a bowl of fruit.

K-Enrichment: Half-day Kindergarten Supplement

For families opting for half-day public school Kindergarten — A Child’s World offers the K-Enrichment program. This program complements the public school curriculum and provides additional enrichment opportunities for your child’s development.

Program Highlights:

  • Integration with Public School: Supplemental program for children attending half-day Kindergarten in local elementary schools.
  • Transportation Provided: Convenient transportation to and from local elementary schools.
  • Comprehensive Enrichment: Enriching activities to enhance your child’s learning experience beyond the classroom.
A young girl is playing on a swing with her mother.

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