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Pre-K Counts Program in Bucks County

In Bucks County, Pennsylvania, there is a commitment to providing quality Pre-Kindergarten programs for children aged three and four.

These programs are made possible through funding from the Pennsylvania Department of Education’s Pre-K Counts initiative.

Eligibility Criteria

Children aged three and four are eligible to attend these high-quality PreK programs if they meet specific criteria. These criteria ensure that children receive access to the educational opportunities they deserve at this crucial stage of their development.

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1. Quality Assurance

Pre-K Counts programs can be found at Keystone STARS early childhood programs. These programs have achieved a rating of STAR 3 or higher, ensuring that they meet rigorous quality standards set forth by the Keystone STARS rating system.

2. Collaborative Efforts

A Child’s World proudly collaborates with the Bristol Township School District in our Langhorne school location, and with the United Way in our Langhorne and Doylestown school locations. These collaborations help us deliver the highest quality early education to the children of Bucks County, ensuring that children receive comprehensive support and resources to thrive in their educational journey.

3. Funding Source: Pennsylvania “Pre-K Counts”

The Pre-K Counts program is funded through the Accountability Block Grant provided by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. This funding enables school districts, community partners, and early childhood programs to offer high-quality Pre-K education free of charge to eligible children.

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