Kindergarten & K-Enrichment

Will Your Child be Ready for Grade School?

Private Academic Kindergarten (Full-day)

Give your child a head start on the years of formal education that lie ahead. A Child’s World’s Kindergarten program challenges both mind and body with its unique integrated curriculum of hands-on experiential learning. Children develop skills with an emphasis on creativity and problem solving. The curriculum focuses on reading readiness with an integration of the whole language with phonics. Children are introduced to all major mathematical concepts (with an emphasis on four-function mathematics). The thematic approach requires children to use their reading and math skills to complete exciting projects. Children at A Child’s World understand why education is important. Curricular goals and objectives exceed the Early Learning Standards set forth by the Department of Education.

Children attending half-day kindergarten in the public school may attend A Child’s World’s Enrichment program. Transportation is provided to and from local elementary schools.