Dear Parents,

A Child’s World prides itself in a kindergarten program that individualizes to every student’s strengths with a curriculum that prepares children for a first-grade level and higher education. Our kindergarten program has graduated students reading on levels up to fourth grade achievement. Our public education districts have praised the exceptional preparation ACW’s children exhibit upon entering their schools.

It is this commitment to student achievement that we offer full day kindergarten options in all three of our locations as we have opened our schools during these difficult educational times. Many of you have enrolled your child in the ACW kindergarten enrichment program in past years, enjoying a half day of public education in addition to the half day ACW program. However, those of you in districts that began offering a full day kindergarten option may want to consider our full day kindergarten class should your district only offer online learning for the new school year. These are uncertain times for the educational system yet, you can be assured that a quality full day kindergarten program is available to your child at A Child’s World. Of course, should the school districts open full time, we still offer both kindergarten half and full day options.

In addition, we are excited to offer your school age student, who may be required to attend full day online learning, the opportunity to attend the district school of your choice under the supervision of our degreed, experienced teachers. Students will be supervised during the district online sessions and teachers will be available to answer questions and clarify difficulties that may arise. Students will also receive homework support each day. Should your district offer a hybrid schedule in and out of the classroom part time each week, you also have the option to enroll for the number of online days required by the district. Tuitions will be adjusted according to the number of days attending.

A Child’s World looks forward to supporting all modes of education that your child requires for the 2020/2021 school year. Please contact your school’s director for more information on enrollment.

Andrea Seidman EdD