Dear Parents,

It is known that UVc light kills bacteria, mold, virus, eliminates allergens, and kills COVID-19. A Child’s World has installed the UVc producing units in our HVAC systems. These units are manufactured specifically for this purpose by RGF Environmental Technologies. For more information on their products visit their site at A brief description is as follows:

Air passes through a REME® / PHI oxidation chamber, which destroys airborne microbes with high intensity UV light rays targeted on a quad- metallic compound. The process develops a highly charged atmosphere of hydroxyl radicals, hydro-peroxides, and super oxide ions. This atmosphere oxidizes contaminants in the air with friendly oxidizers. By friendly oxidizers, we mean oxidizers that revert back to oxygen and hydrogen after the oxidation process. No chemical residue or dangerous compounds are emitted from the system. The REME® ATS Air System can reduce levels of airborne microbes and odors by up to 99%. This system:

• Helps eliminate airborne bacteria, mold, odors, viruses and VOCs
• Helps extend food shelf life and reduce spoilage
• Reduces airborne microbes by up to 99%
• Food grade stainless steel
• C.I.P.

In addition to the benefits this system provides to combat the COVID-19 virus, this system also reduces or eliminates more common germs and allergy related symptoms from environmental influences.

Wishing you the best health,

Ron Seidman

General Manager