There is a worldwide concern for exposure to the Coronavirus. The good news is that A Childs World has extensive procedures in place to prevent the spreading of virus and diseases. Our medical pediatric consultant and health and safety reports advise to treat this virus similar to the flu and even the common cold.

Our staff is highly trained with extreme detail on hand washing and disinfecting surfaces. The children have learned proper procedure for hand washing. Visiting any of our classrooms children and staff are washing hands repeatedly throughout the day before and after meals as well as indoor/outdoor activities. The children know to scrub for a minimum of 20 seconds, counting to songs while they wash. They know to turn off faucets with paper towels and are directed immediately to tables for meals and snacks without touching anything or anyone along the way. Should they contaminate their hands before arriving at the table, they are required to repeat the process.

Tables are disinfected before and after all meals and table activities. There is a bleach solution required by the highest state regulations of our STAR4 and accreditation program. All staff have extensive training practicing these procedures. You can ask your child how he/she washes hands at our school.

Yet, even with all these policies in place, we are taking additional precautions according to our ‘sick-child’ policy discussed in the Parent Handbook. We are paying close attention to the health of each child arriving each day in the school. Children that we feel should be seen by their pediatrician will be sent home.

Your child’s health and safety are our utmost priority. We are doing everything in our power to ensure the cleanest possible environment.

You are welcome to review these procedures with one of our directors, do not hesitate to ask.

Stay healthy and safe.

Dr. Seidman